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Office Productivity Decreases Over Long Work Days

A recent survey carried out by Xerox Corporation and Harris Interactive indicated that office workers begin to loose productivity after the midpoint of their workday. They looked at some 450 US workers half of whom worked 9-10 hour per day. Interestingly about 60 per cent of those surveyed claimed to hit their peak of efficiency before 11:00 a.m.

Long working hours were prevalent in companies that had more than 100 employees and most workers reported that their workdays had increased an hour over the last year. The most frequent factor reported responsible for decreased productivity was heavy workloads. Other reasons given were complicated work and unnecessary paperwork.

The respondents reported several ways in which they believed productivity could be increased. They stressed the importance of collaboration and brainstorming with fellow workers but also considered time spent relaxing to be valuable for stimulating the imagination.

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