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Workstation “Guideline” for Driving

In general, rules for sitting at computer workstations can be applied to driving postures. The driver should be able to sit comfortably against the seatback and at the same time reach all the hand controls and foot peddles with having to stretch. Like an office chair a car seat should be built for the average person but at the same time adjust to accommodate variations in size and body type.

However, because safety is a priority in considering car seat design we believe that an optimal seated posture must be maintained and supported while operating the vehicle that is maximally ergonomic for driving but at the same time offers maximal protection from collisions. For example, in the case of the common rear-end collision the head and spine are best protected when fully supported in neutral position.

When the driver is able to perform most driving functions and at the same time have good visibility around the vehicle with the back comfortably against the seatback and head against a headrest that is designed to fully support the neck then we believe that the driver is driving ergonomically.

As mentioned in our driving article there are special considerations for those with low back problems such as choosing vehicles with a higher curb height to make getting in and out of the car easier. Also, tall persons are less adaptable to compact sized cars because of limited head room and inadequate head rest adjustability.

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